Regulatory support

Understanding the applicable legislative framework
for a certain product is often not simple.
In order to support our partners in marketing their products both nationally and internationally, Eurotest Laboratori offers a technical-legislative support and update service. Our specialists are continually involved in the international technical groups that work on drafting new standards, and consequently understand what the future will hold in the medium term. This specific commitment means we can guide our partners through future developments and anticipate changes to technical standards and requirements. No less important is attention to system quality, an area in which Eurotest can offer considerable support.

Our services include:

  • Technical/legislative updates (subscription)
  • Technical/legislative support during design
  • Sampling and periodical verification of imported materials
  • Initial analysis of the company’s Quality System framework
  • Support in complying with occupational health and safety requirements
    (in Italy: decree law 81/08)
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