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  • 1. General conditions of sale

    The general sales conditions represent the contractual basis between EUROTEST Laboratori Srl and customers once the customer orders have been confirmed. The applicable conditions of sale are referred to in quotations issued by Eurotest and are considered as being accepted by the customer when an order is issued. Quotations may refer to different sales conditions other than the general conditions, in such cases the conditions described on the quotation shall apply. 

    2. Definitions

    Eurotest: EUROTEST Laboratori Srl

    Customer: person or organisation that orders tests from Eurotest

    Quotation: document issued by Eurotest with specific conditions of sale.

    Order confirmation: document acknowledging acceptance of the customer’s order by Eurotest and detailing, among other things, the tests that will be carried out, prices and terms and conditions of payment.

    Contract: commercial agreement stipulated between the customer and Eurotest, including the customer’s order and order confirmation.

    3. Available tests

    Eurotest Laboratori carries out test activities in the following sectors:

    -       Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

    -       Electrical safety 

    -       Radio-equipment

    -       Climate and environmental testing

    -       Qualification and safety testing of crystalline silicon and thin film photovoltaic modules

    -       Qualification and safety testing of concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules

    -       Qualification and safety testing of power converters for photovoltaic or wind power systems

    Eurotest Laboratory is accredited by Accredia (no. 0192L) and can carry out both accredited and not accredited tests, depending on the customer needs (eg. tests based on customer specifications or internal methods). Consequently, only test reports related to accredited tests include the Accredia logo. An updated list of Eurotest accredited tests is available on the Accredia website (www.accredia.it).

    4. Costs

    Prices of individual tests and their set-up strongly depend on the type of product, the power supply (three-phase, single-phase, battery), the I/Os, setup and testing methods, and therefore these are evaluated and calculated on a case-by-case basis. Charges for activities performed off-site, the use of the laboratories and instrumentation for custom testing with or without assistance by Eurotest personnel, are calculated on an hourly basis and quoted according to the specific requested activity. 

    4.1. Paper documents

    Eurotest does not keep paper documents. All documents related to the tests carried out by Eurotest are issued electronically (PDF - Portable Data Format). Adobe Acrobat Reader® is recommended for the consultation of the documents. The costs of issuing documents on paper will be specified in the Quotation upon specific customer request.

    4.2. Further tests

    Further tests required in addition to those already specified on the Order confirmation must be requested by the customer in writing, and are charged separately when invoicing according to the price list in force at the time. 

    5. Orders

    Orders must always be received in writing and are considered as being accepted by Eurotest when sending the corresponding Order confirmation. In the event of either formal or de facto revocation of the order by the Customer, Eurotest reserves the right to withhold a fixed amount equal to the 25% of the total order amount, in order to cover the related commercial and administrative costs. Additional amounts will eventually be calculated on the basis of any technical activity already completed at the time of the cancellation.

    5.1 Reservation of the laboratory

    The reservation of the laboratory (anechoic chamber and/or other test areas) and the related instrumentation necessary for the performance of the requested tests must take place in agreement (in writing or not) with the Technical Laboratory Manager (or eventually with the laboratory technicians). We can accept cancellations only if with a minimum notice of no. 7 working days after the first day of reservation. In the case of non-utilisation of the requested service following a reservation and without any notice or notice shorter than no. 7 working days, we will evaluate if charging, the total amount or partially, the cost of the service. 

    6. Prices

    Prices for the tests are those indicated in the current price list when the order is received. Any other special conditions will be negotiated during the Quotation stage.

    7. Invoicing

    The invoice will be issued according to the modalities agreed during the offer phase and accepted with the sending of the Eurotest confirmation order. For activities scheduled over a certain period of time, or activities that extend beyond the expected conclusion due to changes, non-conformities etc, Eurotest reserves the right to issue progress billings. "Expected conclusion of the activity" refers to the number of working days, unless otherwise specified. Every activity can be considered as complete with the issue of the draft of the test report; after no. 10 working days without any comment, we will issue the definitive version without any modification. The test report will be issued in English.

    7.1 Partial invoicing

    In the event of problems involving the duration of the test not attributable to Eurotest, such as (but not only): lack or partial supply by the customer of the documents related to the product, occurrence of non-conformities and consequently the need for the customer to take corrective actions; incorrect, partial or incomplete delivery of the product to be tested, etc, Eurotest reserves the right to issue partial invoices for the work in progress.

    7.2 Non-fulfilment of payments

    In the event that the customer fails to observe the terms of payment established in the Contract, Eurotest reserves the right to charge the customer the related interests in accordance with the Italian law (legislative decree 231/02).

    8. Transport costs

    Transport costs are always at the customer's expense. In exceptional cases where such costs are paid by Eurotest due to transport requirements or similar (e.g. customs duties), these will be fully charged to the customer on the invoice. Possible shipping costs of the necessary instrumentation for the off-site activities are always at the customer's expense. 

    9. Delivery of samples for testing

    The samples must be delivered to the Laboratory at the address indicated in the offer. The delivery must take place, except for different agreements, at least no. 2 days before the planned date of the start of the tests, prior telephone notice. In case of delays in the delivery of the goods or defects in the objects to be tested, the activities will be postponed and planned according to the Laboratory's instrumentation and technicians availability. The samples provided for testing must be supplied already arranged for functioning in the most critical operating mode and complete with everything needed for its functioning, including any load and/or simulator, power supply, cable complete with plugs, signal cable and anything else required for functioning at the top of its performance.

    10. Sampling

    Eurotest does not sample the materials or products being tested, rather the laboratory carries out type tests on all the samples provided by the customer and is not involved in the methods used to select such samples. For photovoltaic modules, sampling must be compliant with the requirements specified by the relevant standard and must be performed by the customer.

    11. Samples for testing

    The samples for testing must be representative of the product and complete with labelling, instruction sheet / installation and user manual. All instruments, auxiliary equipment or settings (hardware or software) required to the functioning of the product are at the customer's expense. If safety tests are required, the following must be provided:
    - Complete wiring diagrams
    - Assembly drawings
    - List of critical components (data request form)
    - Printed circuits of the electronic boards without components
    - Electrical and insulation specifications as well as declaration of conformity of componenets and materials, issued by the manufacturers
    - For medical devices: risk analysis and clinical evaluations
    Critical components must be accompanied by their corresponding datasheets; in addition, if the components have certification marks, the declaration of the organisation that issued the mark must be provided. Components may also be complex sub-assemblies such as switching power supplies, monitors, electronic thermostats or other devices that have already been tested separately by the manufacturer. Below is a list of components for which documents are required:
    - Componenets connected to the power supply network
    - Transformers, mains filters, capacitors, disconnectors, switches, plugs and sockets, terminals, fuse holders, power cables, relays, optocouplers, motors;
    - Components connected to telecommunications networks;
    - Plastic or insulating materials used for insulation, barriers, casing or support of live parts.
    The number of samples to be provided is strictly related to the type of tests being carried out and whether these are to be performed at the Eurotest labs or at the customer’s facilities. The number is therefore specified and detailed on a case-bycase basis in the Contract.
    If any of this information is not provided, further tests and checks may need to be performed in addition to the foreseen time and costs and consequently resulting in the Quotation being updated.
    During tests and inspections the need to test additional samples may arise and other documents may be required. All such requirements are at the discretion of Eurotest.
    The information supplied by the customer (documents, data, pictures) shall be kept for a period of 10 years, after which they shall be destroyed. Eurotest guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided within the indicated period of time.

    11.1 Software provided by customers

    Customers both guarantee and are responsible for the software provided together with the samples with regard to authorisation for use, and consequently authorises EUROTEST to use such software. The customer likewise declares that the software provided does not contain any viruses, spyware, adware or anything else that may in some way affect the correct functioning of the computer on which such software is installed.
    The software provided may not in any way, either directly or indirectly, interfere with, copy, modify or read any data not relevant to the specific purpose present on the computer where the software is installed and on any connected equipment.

    12. Non-conformities identified during testing

    The total amount on the Quotation applies to one complete testing cycle and does not depend on the results of such tests. The failure of a test, or sequence of tests, does not give the customer the right to renegotiate the terms established in the Contract. The repetition of tests following any modification/restoration to the product will therefore be charged separately with the issue of an additional quotation. Customers will be informed regarding any non-conformity found during testing and will be asked to provide instructions on how to proceed.  If the non-conformity found implicates the tests are no longer useful, these are immediately suspended until the non-conformity is resolved by the customer. In any case, the duration and costs of testing may be subject to variations from those quoted depending on the corrective actions adopted by the customer.

    13. Obligations resulting from ACCREDIA accreditation

    Eurotest is an independent and legally responsible entity that provides testing services in compliance with international standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and, according to this standard, it is subject to conformity assessments and consequent accreditation by ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation System), member of the international accreditation agreements IAF-ILAC and EA.
    In compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, the laboratory has consequently adopted policies and procedures to guarantee protection of all confidential information provided to the laboratory by customers, their property rights, as well as the protection of the tests results stored electronically. Observance of such requirements is part of the evaluation made by ACCREDIA and it is essential in order for the Laboratory to maintain its accreditation; consequently, it is obliged to treat the information supplied by customers with strict confidentiality. The information supplied by the customer (documents, data, pictures) shall be kept for a period of 10 years, after which they shall be destroyed.

    13.1 Independence and impartiality of the Laboratory personnel

    In compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, the Laboratory has also adopted suitable procedures to ensure that its personnel is not subjected to any undue, commercial, financial or other kinds of pressure which may affect the quality of their work and, in particular, influence the technical assessments following the tests carried out.

    13.2 Meaning of accreditation

    Accreditation in accordance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 certifies that Eurotest has the technique expertise needed to carry out the testing activities and correctly implement the corresponding management system. Nonetheless, passing the tests conducted by the Laboratory does not imply approval of the customer’s product by Accredia nor its responsibility for product quality.

    13.3 Accreditation agreement

    Anyone requiring accredited tests can obtain from Eurotest a copy of the agreement signed by the Laboratory and the Accredia general regulations.
    These regulations are also available for download from the Accredia website (www.accredia.it).

    14. Criterion for the assessment and compliance verification

    In the event that the Customer requires Eurotest to express an opinion on the conformity to a specification or a Standard, the Laboratory adopts a criterion according to what is written in the document ILAC-G8. The details related to these standards are clear in the Test Reports issued following the requested activity.

    15. Transport

    The samples to be tested, including any equipment or instruments provided as support for the tests (personal computers, simulators, etc.) are transported under the customer’s own risk and responsibility. It is pointed out that tests on the product may be destructive, and therefore Eurotest is not liable for the condition of the tested products. Customers are responsible for stipulating an insurance policy to protect their goods. Regarding the choice of a specific transport company, customers must notify Eurotest in advance in writing, providing the transport company’s details.  Products must always be accompanied by appropriate delivery documents, as described below:
    EU countries: proforma invoice
    Non-EU countries: invoice

    16. Liability

    Eurotest is not liable for any damage to the samples either during transport or during testing in its laboratories. In addition, Eurotest is not liable for any functional or aesthetic damage to the product resulting from the corrective actions performed by its technicians with the aim of solving the detected nonconformities. Customers fully accept civil, criminal and administrative liability resulting from the information provided to Eurotest. If Eurotest recognises the declarations made by the customer to be untruthful or incomplete, Eurotest considers itself to free of all contractual obligations and consequently has the right to terminate the Contract without any penalties or costs. Eurotest accepts no liability for the truthfulness of the data provided by the customer, nor is any way obliged to verify such. Eurotest moreover reserves the right to claim compensation from the customer for any damages suffered and/or costs sustained due to untruthful or incomplete declarations provided by the customer.

    17. Returns

    Eurotest, unless otherwise specified in writing by the customer, no more than 7 days after Order confirmation, will return the samples if such are not collected within 30 days from the final payment. All the related costs will be charged to the customer. Other policies for managing the samples after the conclusion of testing can be negotiated in the Contract.

    18. Outsourcing

    Eurotest may subcontract certain tests to other accredited laboratories for the purpose of offering the customer an extended range of tests or faster service. Any subcontracting arrangements shall be agreed in writing with the customer, and Eurotest is responsible to the customer for any subcontracted tests, except in cases where the customer or the relevant authorities specify which laboratory must be used. Eurotest also guarantees customers that the activities outsourced to subcontracted laboratories are not in turn subcontracted by them. The customer is fully responsible for transport to and from the subcontracted laboratories and the corresponding costs.

    19. Claims

    Claims must be made in writing filling in the appropriate form, which can be asked to Eurotest’s personnel. Nonverbal complaints will not be acknowledged or managed, neither the ones filed by third parties: only who has received a Test Report (or has paid for it) has the title to claim, neither its final customer. Eurotest has the claim analysed by a different person than who has managed the activities subject of the complaint; this person, if necessary, can ask the customer for clarifications, always in order to understand better and, consequently, manage the request.  If a claim is legitimated, Eurotest will adopt appropriate measures; on the contrary, if Eurotest considers the claim unfounded, the Claimant will be informed in any case within no. 30 days. Whether the claim is considered to be valid or whether it has been declined, no costs will be charged. Likewise, the potential corrective actions will occur free of charge, if due to our mistake.

    20. Language

    These General Sales Conditions have been written in Italian and English. In the event of any misunderstands in interpretation or differences between the two versions, the Italian version shall apply.

    21. Processing of personal data

    The personal data provided by the Customer, will be processed by Eurotest Laboratori according to the procedure in the section “Privacy Protection” on the web site: http://www.eurotestweb.it/it/note-legali

    22. Applicable law

    The Contract is subject to the Italian law.

    Date of approval: May the 31th 2019


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