The new 61215:2016 for the photovoltaic modules certification

In March 2016, the new IEC 61215 standard on the certification of photovoltaic panels came into force. The previous standard, IEC 61215:2005, was concurrently withdrawn and replaced by standards IEC 61215-1, IEC 61215-2 and IEC 61215-1-1.

The Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI) has yet to approximate the new standard.

These are the main changes:

  1. The criterion for verifying conformity to the standard requires testing of power compared to the rated data, in addition to the typical evaluation of power degradation at the end of testing.
  2. A new power stabilisation test (MQT 19) has been added
  3. The NOCT (nominal operating cell temperature) test has been replaced by the new NMOT (nominal module operating temperature) test
  4. Significant modifications have been made regarding measurement of temperature coefficients
  5. Improvements have been made to the Hot Spot testing methods
  6. Requirements regarding the electrical values to be applied to the modules during climatic testing have been modified
  7. The termination strength test has been modified significantly.

Eurotest, just like all other laboratories, is awaiting further information from Accredia regarding the procedure for accreditation to the new standard.

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